White Wine
Who Cares What The Laser Says?
Mar 25, 2016

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Released by: This Charming Man Records

What began as a solo project for Joe Haege (31Knots) has now blossomed into a full band. Their debut record was released by a German label, so we took the liberty of bringing it to the states.

White Wine began as a solo project of Joe Haege (31knots, Tu Fawning, Menomena, Dodos). It was simply a place for his ideas that didn't fit his other bands. After writing and recording 2 albums (Chromakey on Polyvinyl Records and In Every Way But 1 on Discolexique records) he made a plan to tour Europe as a way to visit friends. Not one for having a laptop as his bandmate, he asked his good friend, Fritz Brückner, who was the sound man for Tu Fawning and Menomena, to be his band for the tour. Without a computer they managed to put together a set that had each of them playing synths, guitars, drums, bass, samples…and sometimes all in 1 song. The tour went incredibly well by all accounts.

Presented with the offer of a cheap apartment right next door to Fritz's, Joe found himself, only a few months later, at a crossroads that his words will explain best: "I was in my mid 30's, my entire adult life focussed on music/acting/art. No kids, no girlfriend. I was living in LA, the crown Jewel of American excess, success, failure and synthetic life. How could I not jump at the chance to put the romance of Europe into a more realistic view while creating more music?"

Now a year and a half later they have built their own recording studio (Haunted Haus Studios) completed a new album, Who Cares What The Laser Says? (This Charming Man Records) and gained another member, Chistian "Kirmes" Kuhr (Zentral Heizung Des Todes). Having now reverted to a conventional 3 piece lineup, they are doing anything but playing it safe. Brückner has finally integrated his skills as a classically trained bassoon player into the band, while Haege is once again putting his penchant for cheap theater antics to work with the new stage show, and the endless supply of ability and talent in Mr. Kuhr has only begun to show itself in with intense drumming and guitar playing.


  • 1
    Is This Weird? (3:43)
  • 2
    Where Is My Line? (3:59)
  • 3
    Bullet Points Like Swords (5:31)
  • 4
    Sitting On A Bench (4:07)
  • 5
    Zeitgeist Plagiarist (5:20)
  • 6
    A Drink & A 6 Lane Freeway (3:28)
  • 7
    Who Cares What The Laser Says? (5:33)
  • 8
    Drama Queen (3:48)
  • 9
    Plastic Entrance (3:19)
  • 10
    Relic On Fire (4:06)

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