Whore Luck
Sep 11, 2007

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Whore Luck is the third full-length album from Toronto's Picastro. It features contributions by Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu and Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy, Arcade Fire).

Appropriately enough, Whore Luck is an album of somber reflection and uneasy resolve, from the intensely swirling morass of strings and wraith-like vocals in "All Erase" to the dissonant pump organ and sighing violin of "If You Have Ghosts."

There's even a startlingly vulnerable cover of The Fall's "Older Lover," with Jamie Stewart fighting through a forest of electronic glitches to sing backing vocals. But what stands out most are the varied and ambitious arrangements, with new members (cellist Nick Storring and drummer Brandon Valdivia) adding a more experimental and chaotic edge to the already meditative tones inherent in lead vocalist Liz Hysen's songwriting.


  • 1
    Hortur (5:01)
  • 2
    Car Sleep (2:14)
  • 3
    Friend of Mine (2:48)
  • 4
    In the Weeds (4:23)
  • 5
    All Erase (3:24)
  • 6
    Ghosts (5:08)
  • 7
    Towtruck (1:36)
  • 8
    Stair Keeper (2:31)
  • 9
    Albanis (4:03)
  • 10
    Older Lover (5:32)


Before Whore Luck, the music was a simpler ragged guitar-and-cello based folk.  Here, the arrangements swell: "Hortur" nods to The Dirty Three, while others hint at early Godspeed You Black Emeror! (the arcing violin of "All Erase." in fact, screams it)... Picastro pulls no punches here, giving us their sharpest, most arresting album to date.



  • Hortur (5:14)
    Irene Bindi