Oct 6, 2009

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Rather than collapsing under the duress of a demanding year, Headlights have survived to surface with a collection of songs praising the transience of our friendships, lives, and aspirations.

As if the complexity of what the band worked through can’t be confined to standard verse-chorus structures, Wildlife sees Headlights stretching out instrumentally, letting songs breathe and grow in a manner similar to their accomplished live sets.

The band allows leadoff track, “Telephones,” to lift into a soaring, guitar-led coda. “Secrets” tight, claustrophobic verses and cyclic keyboards frame a breathless meditation on grief before erupting into wordless catharsis.

The album isn’t without upbeat moments. “I Don’t Mind at All” is a blurred, chugging rocker in the vein of classic shoegaze. On “Get Going” acoustic strumming and a buoyant bass line carry the song to a liquid chorus.

Wildlife is a work more elegiac than rousing, where the intimacy and elegance of the songs never fail to remind us of what has been left behind.


  • 1
    Telephones (4:09)
  • 2
    Secrets (3:24)
  • 3
    You and Eye (3:42)
  • 4
    Get Going (2:39)
  • 5
    Love Song for Buddy (3:15)
  • 6
    I Don't Mind at All (3:48)
  • 7
    Dead Ends (3:49)
  • 8
    Wisconsin Beaches (3:19)
  • 9
    We're All Animals (5:06)
  • 10
    Teenage Wonder (3:40)
  • 11
    Slow Down Town (5:26)


  • Secrets (3:35)
    Matt Harsh
  • Get Going (2:40)
    Scott Marvel
  • Love Song for Buddy (3:18)
    Scott Marvel

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