Jeff Rosenstock
Oct 14, 2016

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Released by: SideOneDummy Records

After Bomb the Music Industry! went on indefinite hiatus, Jeff Rosenstock started releasing records under his own name.

This is the second one. The latest is POST-, which is Jeff's first release with Polyvinyl.

The album you are about to listen to, WORRY., only furthers and exceeds the myth of Jeff Rosenstock, he who is mythical for being the most normal dude from a boring place any of us have ever met; mythical for sticking to his guns when all logic points in the other direction; mythical for writing melodies that stick in our brains and lyrics that rip our guts out; mythical most of all for being not mythical at all. He’s just Jeff. It’s not that complicated. But in a world where everything is driven by branding and image and hidden agendas, being not that complicated makes him perhaps the most complicated artist I know.

-- Chris Gethard


  • 1
    We Begged 2 Explode (3:44)
  • 2
    Pash Rash (1:42)
  • 3
    Festival Song (2:54)
  • 4
    Staring Out The Window At Your Old Apartment (3:21)
  • 5
    Wave to Goodnight to Me (2:59)
  • 6
    To Be A Ghost... (4:02)
  • 7
    Pietro, 60 Years Old (0:38)
  • 8
    I Did Something Weird Last Night (3:11)
  • 9
    Blast Damage Days (2:54)
  • 10
    Bang On The Door (1:02)
  • 11
    Rainbow (1:30)
  • 12
    Planet Luxury (0:29)
  • 13
  • 14
    June 21st (1:30)
  • 15
    The Fuzz (1:58)
  • 16
    ...While You're Alive (1:53)
  • 17
    Perfect Sound Whatever (2:35)

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